Drood Winery SAADI -The Master 2021 | 75 cl

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Dry Red Wine
Tasting Notes

Interesting notes of pine needles, white pepper, sour cherry, blue- berry and tumeric.

blend of Samarghandi &Gorchesh that has been under the floor for a month & oak chips flavored for two weeks. Unfiltered

Elevation: 2150-2450 meters Soil: Loess with limestone bedrock Vines: 40+ year old vines, ungrafted.



Varietal Composition

Gorchesh, Samaghandi

The Master- Saadi

Saadi, a Persian poet from the 13th century, is renowned for his eloquent and timeless verses. His work, such as the "Gulistan" and "Bustan," imparts wisdom, moral lessons and humanistic values. Saadi's enduring legacy continues to inspire and enrich literature and culture across the world.