Drood Winery ARIOBARZANES - The Warrior 2021 | 75cl

Drood Winery ARIOBARZANES - The Warrior 2021 | 75cl

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Dry White Wine

Tasting Notes

Crisp flavors of meyer lemon, quince and mango, with a refresh- ing acidity and lingering mineral finish.

unfiltered, pressed by feet, 4 months of oak again and batonnage

Elevation: 2150-2450 meters Soil: Loess with limestone bedrock Vines: 60+ year old vines, ungrafted.

Food Pairings

good with fish, pork and turkey/ chicken, matches to a cheese- plate



Varietal Composition


The Warrior- Ariobarzanes

A commander and famous warrior of the First Persian Empire that led the Battle of the Persian Gate against Macedonian King Alexander the Great in the winter of 330 BC. The power, complexity and unique character of this wine is reminiscent of a great warrior akin to Ariobarzanes.